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Most businesses today have taken advantage of the Internet to reach out to potential clients and increase their scale of business.


To effectively do this, they need to put measures in place to ensure they attract the right kind of visitors to their websites.

This is where SEO web design is vital!

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What is SEO Web Design?

SEO web design refers to activities aimed at not only making a website appealing to the eye, but also to ensure it ranks highly with search engines in order to receive a constant flow of targeted traffic.

If you are after a basic understanding of SEO, please read this article first: What Is SEO?

This article is going to delve further into SEO web design.

Keyword Research

You cannot talk about SEO web design without the concept of keywords coming up. The two go hand-in-hand.

Extensive keyword research should be undertaken prior to developing any website.

Proper and relevant keywords should be an integral part of any SEO web design process.

Factors to be considered in this case, are words or phrases relating to the products and/or services you’re offering as well as geographical location.

The use of proper keywords ensures that a website ranks high with search engines. This is turn leads to quality and quantity website traffic which is key for business success.

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Website Architecture

You’ve probably visited a website before in search of some information, but you end up leaving it pretty quickly and visiting another website in search for the same information.

Yes, the first website you visited contained the information you were looking for, but proved very difficult to find. This is an indication of a poorly designed website.

Incorporating SEO web design is a crucial part of any business success.

For a positive result, any website’s layout should be done in such a way as to ensure visitors can easily navigate through the website.

This does not mean that the website needs to be designed by an artist and be extremely beautiful. In fact, it can be a very simple website design.

The idea is to have a design that has detailed marketing as its primary objective.

SEO web design ensures there is no loss in website traffic, as lost traffic translates to lost business.

For good website visitor experience and good business, a website should be properly structured to ensure easy navigation.

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Optimised Images

Another important aspect of SEO web design is to optimise its content for better ranking by search engines.

One way to do this is to focus on images.

Search engines don’t have the ability to recognize images without proper SEO web design measures. So, how do you go about this?

There are three ways to this:

  1. Use the ‘alt’ attribute to describe images that cannot be displayed.
  2. Name the image files with keyword-friendly words.
  3. If the website should contain a lot of images; try to use those with the lowest size but with good quality.

Taking these steps and factoring them into SEO web design will go a long way in improving the website’s visibility to search engines, which in turn is what brings visitors to you website and your business.


SEO Analysis

It’s important to note that SEO web design doesn’t stop after the website has been designed and launched.

The amount of traffic the website receives as well as its rankings on search engines should be a major priority.

These should be monitored and analysed several weeks after the website is launched, and at least every month going forward.

Doing this will reveal important trends that could be incorporated to increase the performance of the website.

Tasks that can completed on a monthly basis to improve SEO include security updates, adding new content, rearranging existing content, adding new images, back-linking with authority websites and much more.

Organising SEO Web Design

The importance of having a website that is friendly to search engines cannot be over-emphasised.

The above-mentioned aspects of SEO web design should be used in developing any business website to ensure a competitive edge and remain relevant in the market. Especially often and continued SEO work throughout your website.

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